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    Vladimir Westbrook

    BROKER CA DRE# 01990912 888-262-4950

    Vladimir Westbrook started his real estate career with three transactions the first week on the job. Since the very beginning, he possessed a tremendous desire to provide the best service possible to his clients, putting fiduciary duty above all other interests. As a real estate agent, Vladimir started specializing in New Homes developments in 2015, creating an advanced database of new constructions, serving clients around the San Francisco Bay Area, Alameda and San Mateo Counties. In 2017 Vladimir and his team applied their expertise to the resale market combining best of 2 worlds to assist the need of the first-time homebuyers better. Vladimir launched Westbrook Realty in 2018, opening the doors to the agents who seek to expand their business in new homes sales, as well as learning best practices to sales marketing and working with the first-time homebuyers. The ever growing team of Westbrook Realty works hard every day, sharing the same goal of what the real estate experience should be.

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    Angela Chen

    Realtor CA DRE# 01938265 925-330-9961

    Angela graduated from UC Berkeley with a civil engineering degree, worked in the industry of construction and real estate for years. With a strong background in civil engineering and interior design, Angela obtains a unique perspective and understanding of living cultures and asset value in the Bay Area. Angela is very passionate and enthusiastic about real estate as herself is also a real estate investor over the years. She understands for many people, home is the most important and most valuable asset in their lives. She is committed to providing professional services of buying and selling homes, maximize clients’ interests in the transaction to meet and even go above and beyond expectations. Angela is originally from China and speaks fluent Mandarin and English. She enjoys working on a personal level with clients to determine and meet their unique needs, loves sharing tips and guidance with clients, and dedicates to make the real estate experience smooth and easy for everyone.

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    Ben Chahal

    Realtor CA DRE# 02082521 408-613-8219

    Ben Chahal is a local of San Jose for over 40 years. Graduated from San Jose State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration/Marketing. Started his career in sales/client support in the high tech sector. Learned early in his career his passion of helping individuals and small business while being employed by Kaiser Permanente. His successes in the medical insurance industry allowed for investment opportunities in the real estate industry. Has 20+ years as an investor and home-owner in the Bay Area and Central Valley Real estate markets. Bens drive to help others has allowed others to thrive in the real estate. His insightful recommendations have enabled buyers and sellers to reach their real estate goals. Ben’s successes are primarily due to his consultative approach. He is a good listener and makes needs-based recommendations.

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    Blake Lemos

    Realtor CA DRE# 02080252 408-775-2361

    As a lifelong resident of Silicon Valley, Blake is able to share his local knowledge with you so that you may discover a special property to call home. Blake grew up near the beautiful Penitencia Creek County Park where, as a kid and today, he enjoys long bike rides and walking his dog along the regional trail. Blake graduated from San Jose State University with a Bachelor of Arts in anthropology. Through his previous experience in logistics, he honed his skills in time management and developed a customer-oriented approach. Colleagues he has worked with have characterized him by saying “Mr. Lemos was an absolute asset to my team. . .” and have described his support as “world-class.” With a strong work ethic, his promise both to you and himself is to work diligently to ensure a positive home buying/selling experience. Blake understands the importance of keeping you in the loop so that you can maintain an informed position. This is why he places an emphasis on communication, with active listening being paramount to positioning you, as his client, first.

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    Derek Johnson

    Realtor CA DRE# 02078458 408-417-7672

    Looking for the most exciting and motivated Realtor® in Silicon Valley? Look no further! Derek has been at your service for over 25 years. "Taking care of people is my business. As a Silicon Valley native I pass onto my clients real estate opportunities, trends and insider information which every Real Estate buyer and seller needs. Selling your home? I am your preferred Realtor®. I have access to intellectual data that will help you get the highest price for your home within the timeframe you need. Looking to buy? I am on it. If you are new to the area I can help you decide on an area to live in based on your hobbies, activities, schools or just your commute. Consider giving me a call anytime. Lover of all things outdoors, lifelong Santa Cruz surfer, snowboarding and helping my clients manage their Real Estate wealth. If you like what makes me tick, give me a call let’s talk real estate."

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    Eddie Grassi

    Real Estate Broker Associate CA DRE# 01297351 650-255-7161

    Eddie Grassi holds a BA in English from Santa Clara University and an MA in English from San Jose State University. He also holds a real estate broker's license. Eddie grew up in San Jose in a neighborhood called the Rose Garden where he became fascinated with the beautiful array of homes surrounding a rose garden in the middle. "I used to go for walks down University Avenue just to get a glimpse of these magnificent mansions. I would often stop to imagine what the inside of the house was like and try to imagine myself looking out the window at where I stood on the sidewalk," says Eddie. Now, many years later, it seems only fitting that Eddie Grassi is a real estate broker at Westbrook Realty. What's thrilling to Eddie is showing homes and literally holding the keys to somebody's future. It's a big responsibility but one he relishes. One thing Eddie is really good at is helping people discern what they want in a home using visualizing techniques and mindfulness practices which help people to think clearly. It's a cliche, but a lot of this excitement for the buying and selling of homes comes from the desire to help a person realize their dreams. "Most exciting is being there at the front-lines when it happens. When I get to say 'Yes, your offer was accepted.'" After living in the Bay Area for many years, you come to realize just how special a place this is," says Eddie and why so many people want to live here.

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    Gurvinder Singh

    Realtor CA DRE# 02095272 408-663-3059

    Gurvinder Singh is an electrical engineer. He has 30 years of experience in the construction of residential, commercial and industrial buildings. He was also involved in the maintenance of multi-story buildings and office buildings. His motto is complete customer satisfaction with honesty, faithfulness, and integrity. If you are looking to buy a single-family home/townhouse/condominium/office building, you have come to the right person who would guide you through every step whether technical/administrative/code. Feel free to contact him if you need more information.

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    Hang (Leo) Li

    Realtor CA DRE# 01801419 510-449-9870

    Hang(Leo)Li Graduated from the USC Fresno State with a Bachelors Degree in Accounting. Leo has been in the Customer Services/Sales industry for over 16 years and gained a lot of experience. Over the years of experience, he finds client satisfaction and building long-term win-win relationships is the main goal. You’ll find working with him that he truly listens and has a particular interest in ensuring you are fully satisfied with the overall experience. One last thing he does speak English and Chinese both read and write.

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    Honda Nguyen

    Realtor CA DRE# 01425507 408-836-5111

    Honda Nguyen Graduated from the University Of California, Davis with a Bachelors Degree in Economics. Honda has been in the Customer Services/Sales industry for over 15 years and gained a lot of experience over the years. His entrepreneur mindset and excellent people skills has made him do very well at many of his other careers. He will bring those experience along with him to make his Real Estate career even more powerful. He believes in providing excellent customer services and will do the right things for his clients. Honda speaks both English and Vietnamese. Honda is ready to be your next Realtor!

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    Inna Cotur

    Realtor CA DRE# 02083262 650-483-8594

    Inna is a passionate new California real estate agent touting excellent customer service. Since she moved to California 10 years ago she fell in love with San Francisco Bay Area. Having excellent prior sales experience aids in her ultimate goal to help her clients achieve their own real estate goals and dreams. Being devoted to the Bay Area and its large variety of real estate options supports her belief that everyone can call the Bay Area their home. She will provide superlative service in order to meet her customer's needs and wishes.

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    Jasmin Miranda

    Realtor CA DRE# 02044377 408-679-6515

    Born and raised in Northern California, Jasmin knows her way around the Bay Area like the back of her hand. At a young age, Jasmin started learning about Real Estate Investment and Development, and is also educated in the Liberal Arts & Sciences with a Concentration in Chemistry. Philanthropy is her passion, and she has the enthusiasm and energy to keep the experience of home buying and selling a rewarding endeavor. Jasmin is always hungry for knowledge and makes it an absolute goal to strive for the best for herself and the company she has the pleasure of working with.

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    Jean Davila

    Realtor CA DRE# 02059968 408-658-5971

    Jean Davila is a Business Administration major at San Francisco State University. Achieving results and growing strong business network has always been his passion. Having started his career in sales, Jean's continuous revenues were supported by mainly his client's referrals, which identifies his excellent ability to build warm long lasting relationships with clients. Jean has been working with home owners across the bay area and beyond for last 5 years. He is confident that real estate is just the right type of business to build the career as he gets to do what he loves best - making his client's aspirations to become reality. By working with Jean you will find a friend in the real estate business who will definitely go an extra mile for you and you won't hesitate working with him again and again.

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    Kenneth Kim

    CA DRE# 02048880 408-234-1083

    Just as trees grow as tall as it can, Kenneth has always challenged himself to become more valuable to his family and friends by expanding his knowledge in all aspects of the business and life. His unique approach in business derive from positive winning attitude he had developed working in tech companies like IBM & Apple. He is a very confident individual and he takes pride in providing highest level of service to help his clients reach best possible outcome. Kenneth values time, integrity, and accuracy. There's no doubt he will certainly optimize you time and be assured of your choice with Westbrook Realty.

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    Lana Miles

    Realtor CA DRE# 02054867 415-216-5697

    Lana is a true hustler who dreams big and never settles for less. She is very ambitious, passionate, driven, enthusiastic, hard-working and unstoppable on the way to accomplishing her goals. All of these characteristics led her to pursue a career in Real Estate. Whether you are a first-time home buyer or an experienced real estate investor, Lana provides top-level service to all of her clients. She understands exactly her customers’ needs and goes above and beyond to find it. With her experience in New Developments in the Bay Area, Lana brings a unique value to her clients. Her down-to-earth approach and easygoing personality turns the whole process into a smooth and stress-free transaction.

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    Liubov Westbrook

    Realtor / Marketing Director CA DRE# 02073218 669-273-6030

    Liubov is working in real estate industry since 2015. She provides interior designer services, real estate services and currently she is the head of Westbrook Realty Marketing Department. Liubov is responsible for adding visual support to training tools for the agents and staff, as well as marketing materials for the clients. Besides that Liubov is responsible for the content and organization of company Weekly Meetings. Liubov speaks English and Russian.

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    Marianna Chumakova

    Transaction Coordinator 408-647-7092

    Marianna is a certified transaction coordinator, who has over 3 years experience in Bay Area Real Estate Market. She is very purposeful, open minded, attentive to details and knows almost everything about specific nuances of real estate transactions. She successfully coordinates the whole process from A to Z. She does her best for smooth transactions within given timeframes.

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    Marites Abriam

    Realtor CA DRE# 01325649 408-990-5386

    As a Realtor specializing in Residential properties in Silicon Valley, you can be assured that she will stay on top of all the details of a deal to provide a smooth and easy going transaction. She has provided the valuable skills that she uses daily in Real Estate in negotiations, educating home buyers, sellers and effectively marketing her listings. Marites clients often describe her as detailed oriented, proactive and fun to be around. She is dedicated to her clients and is passionate about helping people. Marites also serves as a committed volunteer to different organizations. She believes that listening to her clients is the number one key to their satisfaction.

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    Marivic Miranda

    Realtor CA DRE# 02044679 408-597-6544

    California Certified Residential Manager (CCRM), Certified RCFE and ARF Facility Administrator for over 25 years, providing compassionate and professional care to Elderly/Senior and Adult who are developmentally disabled. She is kind, caring and provide the best service possible to her client interest. Great values, accommodating, positive attitude and put great amount of effort in everything she does. Joined Fortune Builders Real Estate Investors 2016. Marivic speaks Tagalog, Pangasinan (dialect) and English. Her GOAL is to provide WESTBROOK GROUP OF REALTY clients the best service experience of selling and buying their home.

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    Milly Garifullina

    Realtor CA DRE# 02081404 408-469-1524

    Early on Milly knew that real estate would be her path to success. Client focused service and innovating marketing strategies have made Milly an expert. Impressive attention to detail and dedication to each one of her client's unique needs have set the standards for result driven success.

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    Monique Krown

    Realtor CA DRE# 01490550 408-647-5460

    Monique was raised in San Jose, CA and has extensive knowledge of the different cities and neighborhoods across the South Bay. She can help you select the best home for your family's needs. She stays current with new programs, techniques and market trends which provides her clients the opportunity to establish and make informed decisions. Why choose Monique as your real estate agent? For one thing, she really listens to you and will work tirelessly on your behalf. Monique understands that buying and selling real estate can be stressful. As a full-time Realtor, she will work hard to lower your stress level and make your experience as pleasurable as possible. She will accomplish this through constant communication and by being accessible.

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    Polina Shakhova

    New Homes Specialist 408-475-4724

    Polina is a competent, purposeful person with strong organization and soft negotiation skills. She admires the process of finding an appropriate residence for each specific case and posses all up-to-date information about new developments across the Bay Area and San-Francisco county. She is here to help you make an important choice, being provided with the most recent data and in optimum terms.

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    Ravneet Singh

    Realtor CA DRE# 02050421 559-579-7266

    California native Ravneet (Rav) Singh holds a BS in Computer Information Systems for California State University Los Angeles. Rav has over 8 years of customer service experience and has gained significant experience. Being a California native and being raised in Central California, Rav has also lived in Southern California for 6 years and now is currently in the Bay area. He is ready to help clients find there dream home anywhere in California! His passion for real estate and putting his clients first is his main priority and will do whatever it takes to make sure they are taken care of. Being dedicated, hardworking and detail-oriented is what describes Rav when working with clients. His great personality and work ethic will make your home buying experience a breeze.

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    Reina Menezes

    Realtor CA DRE# 01888182 925-998-7733

    As a full-service REALTOR with a lot of experience, Reina will guarantee to make the process smooth by offering the assistance and resources required for every transaction. She is sincere, hard-working, organized, open-minded and learns from her mistakes. At Westbrook Realty she provides a technologically advanced marketing program uniquely designed for your property. Reina has a knowledgeable, experienced, and professional support team to ensure all paperwork, deadlines, progress reports and terms are met. Developing a lasting relationship with her clients is of the most important. Whether you are thinking of buying, investing, relocating or selling, Reina is here to team with you. She will work relentlessly to provide a smooth transaction.

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    Sandra Wales

    Realtor CA DRE# 01741323 408-547-7783

    Sandra Wales – President – Financial Reflections Inc. As President of Financial Reflections Sandra Wales manages commercial property for clients. Sandra currently holds real estate licenses in Florida and California. She was the Director of Real Estate Finance for GAP Inc. and led a team of 23 members in the management of all real estate owned or leased by The GAP Inc. Sandra Wales formed Wales Investments in 2003 which was sold in 2017 to Polaris Greystone Inc. She has also worked as Director of Finance, Expense Payables, and Director of Real Estate and Capital Management at Gap, Inc. and previously worked at technology and venture capital companies in a CFO role. She holds a Bachelors Degree in Music History from the University of Western Ontario, and an MBA in Finance from Santa Clara University. She has earned CFP® and Certified Management Accountant (CMA). She also holds Real Estate Association licenses in California and Florida. Sandra is also a licensed tax preparer. She has served on the Board of the Financial Planning Association (FPA) of Silicon Valley and has taught Pension and Benefits planning for the last 8 years at UC Santa Cruz Extension. She was also a recent national finalist in the American Express Make Mine a Million women entrepreneurs’ recognition program.

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    Tinus Masbrata

    Realtor CA DRE# 01252643 510-673-7334

    Tinus is been serving home buyers and sellers in Grater Bay Area since 1999. Client satisfaction is always the number one priority. Whether you are buying a home for the first time, upgrading or a seasoned investor, Tinus will have the time to work with you and guide you from beginning to a close. He has been successfully assisting foreign national from overseas buying homes in the San Francisco Bay Areas, overseeing rehab and selling hope for top dollar. It is an advantage to have Tinus on your side. After over 20 years in the business, many of his previous clients came back and referred friends and relatives. Tinus speaks Bahasa Indonesia and Japanese.

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    Veronika Ishchenko

    CMA Specialist 561-771-4693

    Veronika is a very detail oriented person, has strong organizational and analytical skills, who has a passion to explore the real estate market. Veronika considers market trending and market sales, distinguish inconsistencies that may affect changes or influence the value of the property. She is dedicated to details, also very accurate in analysis and pricing. After deep analyzing, Veronika can estimate the market value for each property that you would like to buy, sell or to lease. With pleasure, she helps you

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    Yuliia Maliuk

    Realtor CA DRE# 02031576 408-898-8370

    Yuliia has been in real estate since 2017. She is a self-motivated and hardworking person with a positive attitude towards career and life. Yuliia can help customers making home buying and selling experience pleasurable and convenient by building relationships based on trust, respect, and mutual understanding. She loves helping people realize their dreams. Please contact Yuliia anytime.

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    Zarina Sultan

    Realtor CA DRE# 02086494 415-595-2800

    Zarina is a sincere, hard-working and detail oriented person with strong organizational skills. As a customer service professional with over 15 years of experience she sets client satisfaction and building long-term win-win relationships as her main goal. You’ll find working with her that she truly listens and has a particular interest in ensuring you are fully satisfied with the overall experience.

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